Residential Design and Space Planning

Kerri Watson is known for her classic use of symmetry, sophisticated colour palettes and respect for the architecture in the spaces she designs. As a designer and planner, Kerri helps her clients realize their goals and create a living space that they love. 

Although Kerri favours an elegant design, her interiors are a talented blend of beauty and liveability. She believes that some rooms should embrace and welcome you, while others should simply take your breath away! Living with Vancouver’s stunning views, Kerri works to incorporate a bit of nature into every space. She has lived in many cities in North and South America and travelled extensively. Each destination helps to shape and broaden her design aesthetic while strengthening her appreciation for life on the West Coast.

Kerri-Lee Watson
Principal Designer

Alexandra Coleman started her career at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.  Her training in hospitality gave her a keen eye for detail and an understanding of what people are looking for in a luxurious setting.  She’s also not afraid to tackle home renovations head-on.  She’s strapped on a tool belt and personally helped with electrical, dry walling and roofing.  These skills have helped her understand how important it is to do things right the first time.  

Alex has experienced may different types of architecture and design while living in Toronto, Halifax, and now Vancouver.  She’s worked at Kerri Watson Interiors since 2009 and brings her home renovation skills and inspirational detail to the company.

Alexandra Coleman
Associate Designer

Charlene Lane is the ultimate southern woman.  Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she is THE source for antiques from Buckhead to Miami Circle.  Charlene started her career as a lawyer, and then moved into real estate.  Her love of beautiful homes and all things French, led her to sourcing antiques.  She counts Suzanne Kasler and Phoebe Howard as her local inspirations.

charlene lane
Antiques & Acquisitions